Sunday, July 31, 2005

I think I may have to change the name of this Blog from "Our infertility Journey" to "Our boring life". Since there really isn't much going on in our lives related to infertility (and there won't be, until I have the third surgery) I was going to just do updates about our every day life like Lisa does. Unfortunatly, beacause we don't have kids I can't write about the cute things that they say and do (or post pictures) and we barely leave the house, so there really isn't a lot to say! I'm not exaggerating when I say we barely leave the house. Aside from my short trip to my Dad's house to have lunch (Thank goodness for that!) Neither Joe nor I have left the house all weekend. Today I am treating the carpets(and the dogs) for fleas, then I am treating and shampooing the rugs for pee stains and odor. We can't seem to get one of our dogs fully potty trained! I want the carpets to be clean for when the kids come next weekend. Yes, I realize this is silly, beacause every time they come I have to shampoo the rugs again to get out the ground in graham crakers and juice box stains, but I can't have fleas and pee smell when they come! I am also washing all of the linens in the place and harping on Joe to clean out his office for Lisa and Cameron to sleep in. That's a lot of laundry! To top it all off I have to clean out my car to fit all of their luggage and car seats. So it's not like I won't be busy, it just won't be interesting for you to hear about. (Even though I just told you)
The only two times this summer that we have gotten to go anywhere is when Lisa and Scott have come to visit. It's like we are living vicariously through them! When they visited Disneyland, I spent the whole weekend by the Disneyland Hotel pool! It was awesome! And now they are coming down to go to San Diego, and I'm tagging along for that too. If only I could convince them to take a vacation to Hawaii and take me along as the Nanny! Hint Hint! This summer is really flying by for me.
I have only two weeks left for my summmer program and then I get 2 weeks off. Well, actually only one week, because the second week I have to attend meetings and get the room ready for a new batch of kids in September. Still, that's two weeks without kids! Whoo Hoo! Don't get me wrong, I like my job, but you have no idea how much kids can wear you down until you spend an entire summer with 30 of them! I am so underpaid!

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