Thursday, July 27, 2006

One Year Blogiversary

Yep, it's been one whole year since I started this blog. I never thought I would stick with it this long. I usually get bored pretty easily. But I really enjoy blogging. Not the writing, exactly, because I am not the greatest at that. There are some pretty awesome writers out there in blogland, but I am not one of them. No, I think it is just a way for me to get out some of the stuff that is in my head, and share it with other people. I like the relationships I have formed with other people, through e-mail, comments, and even in person. I am grateful for the kind words of support that I have received from other bloggers. This blog has covered some pretty heavy issues in the last year. Infertility, depression, endometriosis, chronic pain, kidney disease, and international adoption, to name just a few. I hope I continue to enjoy this phenomenon known as blogging for many years to come.

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Stephanie said...

Happy anniversary! I have just passed the six month mark - I'm just a baby.