Friday, September 22, 2006

A Better Day

I am feeling much better today, physically. Mentally I am still a stress case, but what else is new? I talked to the adoption agency five times today. They are getting on my nerves. The letter the CPA wrote wasn't quite right and they want another one. They also want another letter from the nephrologist, when yesterday they said it would be fine without it. I forgot to sign one of the forms I sent(duh!), so I have to print another one out and send it to them. Did I mention they want all of this stuff today? Uhhhh...Sorry! Neither our accountant or my doctor worked today. Whats up with that? So it will have to wait until Monday. If things continue to go wrong like they have there's no way we are going to make the deadline to be DTC this month. At this point I'm so stressed out and tired that I'm not sure I care. What's one more month in the whole scheme of things? To top it all off, we bounced a check to them. Joe was suppposed to transfer funds and he didn't. How embarrassing. I'm pretty sure it can only get better from here. At least it's Friday!

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Shelley said...

Oh Michelle. You have had such a hard time with this. Things can only get better.