Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ho Hum

Not too much going on around here. Had a nice, relaxing Labor Day. I got a lot done. I've decided that one of the things I am going to do while my husband works every single night is clean and organize my house. I have already done our bedroom closets, and this weekend finished my scrapbook area. Next is the baby's room. That is going to take some time. There is so much junk residing in that room right now. My husband is such a packrat. I'm going to start in one corner and just work on it until its done. Heck, I have plenty if time! Still waiting for our I171. It's been almost a week since I sent them the paperwork they requested. I hope it comes soon.


Kristin said...

We are currently unpacking all of our stuff (finally back in the house!) and for every item I put away, I think I get rid of 2... it's a great feeling!

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Good luck! I hope you do better than I did. I was supposed to clean one area a week when I quit my job. HA!!! That lasted exactly 1 week I am such a procrastinator.

Shelley said...

Happy tossing! I did the same thing with my office after I was laid off. Now I've accumulated just as much. :(