Friday, September 15, 2006

My Husband is Home Sick

And I am sooooo happy! Ummm..Not that he's sick. That he's home. On a Friday night! Do you know how long its been since he hasn't worked on a Friday night? Neither do I! But it's been at least six weeks. And what exciting things are we doing now that we have a week-end night together? We're watching Dancing With the Stars, since he couldn't watch it when it was on. Woo hoo, we are wild and crazy I tell you! He didn't feel up to going out, being sick and all, and that's fine with me. I'm just happy not to be sitting home alone on a Friday night. I hate his part time job. Hate it. I wish he didn't have to have it. I wish we weren't broke. I wish he had gotten this job at the beginning of summer, instead of at the end, so we wouldn't be as far behind on the bills as we are now. I should be thankful that he was able to find something part time that fits his teaching schedule. I am thankful that he's home right now(even though he's sick) because I have been lonely without him.

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