Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Yet another doctor

Today I added yet another doctor to the ever growing list of those I already see. I went to a Podiatrist. I have been having some trouble with my right foot for the last four months or so. I am having quite a bit of pain on the flat side, right below my ankle. At times it becomes so painful that it is impossible to wear a shoe on that foot. This is problematic for me because, well, my job kind of requires me to wear shoes at all times. So I went to a foot doctor. I really liked him. He was very nice, and funny. After asking me a bunch of questions about the pain and watching me walk, he diagnosed me with "cuboid capsulation". The cuboid is a bone in the foot. It has become irritated because I wear crummy shoes and I am overweight. This has made my cuboid bone very unhappy(his words, not mine). In order for it to heal properly, he wants me to go and buy some good hiking shoes and wear them at all times. I mean every single minute of the day that I am on my feet. He doesn't even want me to go from the couch to the bathroom without wearing them. The idea is to immoblize the foot so it doesn't become irritated anymore, so the swelling will go down. He also wants me to have it massaged three times a day with a block of ice that I freeze in a Dixie Cup. And he says my leg should be level, so someone else must do it. This could be a problem for me. I only saw my husband a total of sixteen hours last week. I leave the house at 6:15, before he even gets up. Does this doctor think I just have a personal assitant on hand twenty four seven who I can summon to massage my foot every day, three times a day? Riiiiiiight. No problem. Maybe I can get the kids to do it? (Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha -that's funny! These aren't even my kids!) So I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the whole massaging thing. As far as the hiking boots go, I'll give it a try, although I'm not sure what that's going to do for my sense of fashion. Hiking boots are fashionable, right? Especially with capri pants. And skorts, because it is still hot here. I was thinking something like these. Yeah, those will go with the outfits I wear to work. Or how about these. I'm going to look like a total geek! Nevermind the fact that I have to convince my husband that I have to buy one hundred dollar hiking shoes! Well, the alternative was a shot in the foot(which I declined politely) and wearing one of these for three weeks. Now that's fashionable!

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Kristin said...

Ugh... you aren't catches many breaks these days... hope you find some CUTE boots!