Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Another Job interview

Today I had another job interview. Again, I think it went well. This job was so completely different from the job I interviewed for yesterday. But I think it could be something I could learn to like too. It is more practical. Insurance after 90 days, 401 K, paid vacation. I still really want the job I interviewed for yesterday. First I have to be offered one of the jobs, before I worry about which one to take. I had another call today from someone who wants an interview, so I'll call them back tomorrow and set one up. At least I am getting some response from all of the resumes I sent out. Hopefully one of these jobs will end up being the one.


kris said...

Wishing you lots of luck that the right job finds you!

Jeff and Michelle said...

Best wishes that you land the perfect job for you!