Sunday, July 22, 2007

Four days until our Camping trip and Two year "Blogiversary"

Yup, we're going camping. Leaving on Friday. We agonized so much over this trip because we really can't afford it, but the first two nights are paid for with a non-refundable depsosit and I think we really need this right now. I really need it. So we're going. I can. not. wait. Also, I was looking at some of my archives(depressing stuff) and I realized it was two years ago in July that I started this blog. Two years! That's how long we have been waiting for Sophie already. Another two to go? I hope so much that it isn't longer than that. I can't believe I stuck with it this long. I never stick to anything. Now if only I could stay on a diet that long. I'd be skinny!

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