Monday, July 02, 2007

I just came from Kohl's. I had to buy a pair of "nice" pants for something I have to do tomorrow that I can't talk about because I don't want to get my hopes up prematurely or jinx anything. Anyway, I had to try on some pants. My favorite thing in the world to do. Not. I hate trying on clothes. I like shopping. I just hate trying on clothes. It's something about the dressing rooms, being in such an enclosed place and looking at myself in a mirror so close up. At home I stand a good six or seven feet away from the mirror. It makes things look less huge . That's my theory anyway. So I'm trying on pants and I have like seven pair in different sizes(because I hate to have to leave the dressing room once I go in there), and I find that I am between sizes right now. That means I am too fat for the smaller size, and not fat enough for the larger. So I have to either squeeze into pants that are a tad too small, or wear pants that swim on me. Neither scenario is pretty. It is hard enough for me to find pants in the first place because I have to shop off of the clearance rack, because, Hello, I am unemployed and shouldn't be buying pants anyway. But I had nothing nice to wear in my closet. I swear. Joe disagrees. But whatever, I found a pair of nice black pants on the clearance rack for twelve bucks. He can't complain about that. But man, I wish we weren't broke, because I found some shoes that I absolutely loved. Aren't they cute? They have Asian fabric on the sides. But they were fifty-five dollars, and I just don't spend fifty-five dollars on shoes. I liked these too. I love how the sides look like they are ribbons. Cheaper, but still beyond my budget right now. I buy my shoes at Payless,BOGO (buy one get one half off). I know they don't last, but that's where I buy them because they are cheap. I hope I don't find a job where I have to dress nice every day. I'll need a whole new wardrobe. Well, I better go because I'm starving and dinner doesn't just make itself! :)


Joannah said...

So, it sounds like you had a job interview? If so, how was it?

G & G Hadden said...

Do you want to swap squares with me?
I know just what you mean about the trying on clothes part..........I bing in many many pairs to try on! Hate it!