Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Big Sur

I have roughly 10,000 pictures of Big Sur to share with you.  I can never edit them down to a reasonable number so you're just going to get all of them.  Get your scrolling finger ready!  :)

The trip went way to fast. Funny how that happens when you are having fun.  I didn't get to see very many of my No. Cal friends this time, and that was o.k.  I ended up flying instead of driving, which meant I didn't have a car. I probably could have made it happen but I didn't have the energy and honestly, I'm just not ready to talk in detail about what's happening right now.  It's so complicated and I just don't know what to say.  It's not often that I am at a loss for words so you know things are bad if I don't want to talk about it...haha.

Stacey did bring the kids up on Sunday for a little while and it was fun to catch up with her while the kids played.

It was foggy on the drive up and down so I didn't get too many pictures of the coastline like I usually do.  It was still beautiful, even in the fog.

Bixby Creek Bridge

The water is such a beautiful shade of blue

The weather was beautiful so first we hit the pool


Ryleigh and Grace strike a pose.

Rock jumping!

View from our balcony

Cartwheels on the grass

Beautiful trees


Hiking down to Pfeiffer-Burns waterfall

Breathtaking.  I was disappointed that it was so foggy but it was still beautiful, as always

This Art Gallery and Cafe were closed for several years and I was so happy to see that it had opened up again.

The drive up was quite foggy, and then again when we drove down the coast to the waterfall, but up at the top it was sunny and 75 degrees the whole time.  We couldn't have asked for better weather.

Bluebirds came right up to our table hoping for a tidbit of our sandwiches.

Does anyone know why some bluebirds have that mohawk and some don't?  I didn't get any pictures of those that did, but you know what I mean right?  We figured it was because the ones without were females and the ones with were males but we weren't sure. Must google.

Squirrels. Blech.  I dislike squirrels.  It's a long story.

We drove to an area where we could park ourselves on the river for the day.


How come Grace's feet look almost as big as mine??

I could sit and stare at this all day

Beautiful redwoods

No trip to Big Sur would be complete without a jump off of a rock into the river.


The water didn't seem as cold this year.  Maybe because the air temperature was so warm.

I love the trees. I saw a bumper sticker that said Big Trees Rule.  They certainly do.  I should have bought it.

One of my favorite spots in the world.


We stopped in Carmel to drop off a chair that Stacey had lent us(thanks Stacey!).  Carmel was having it yearly Concourse 'de Elegance(I have no idea what that means, except it includes an antique car show).  

Candy shop.  Of course we went in!

This is what I came out with:  Carmel fudge with sea salt.  To.  Die.  For.

Lots and lots of antique cars


It was packed!

The insides were completely restored

I'm not even into cars and I thought some of these were really cool.

I loved this color, even though I overhead a man saying "There is no way that color is original to the car.  (Insert name of car here)-never made that color (Insert name of car here)

I almost bought this shirt for Joe.  Haha! (It's a dog mooning people on a surfboard and it says Moon Doggie Saloon.  So funny.

It was a fabulous trip and I had so much fun.


dawn said...

THe photos are gorgeous. What a beautiful place, I wouldn't have come back.

Joannah said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful place! Sitting in the water must have been so relaxing. You look great! :)