Monday, April 18, 2011

5 Things I am Loving Right Now

I saw this on another blog and since I am seriously lacking in blog content  I decided to play along.  

Here are 5 things that I am loving right now:

1.  This ring: 

 I got it from Avon and it is so pretty.

2.  This body spray:

It's by Victoria's Secret and it's called Very Sexy Now.

I was given this by a patient at Christmas time and I put it in my medicine cabinet and never used it. The other day I saw it in there and I decided to try it. It smells so good!

Joe even commented on it yesterday.  He said I smelled good and asked me what I was wearing.

I told him and he was like "It's called Very Sexy Now?"  "Does that mean you won't smell very sexy later?"

The man should have been a comedian.

3.  I am  loving this soap:
It's from Lush and it's called "Karma" and I love, love, love it.  
Here is a description of the scent from a product review: 
The scent is fundamentally combination of orange, patchouli, pine, lavender, lemongrass, elemi (and a few more) but it swirls and changes as you use it, or on different occasions. 

At Christmas (again.  what's with me just using all this stuff I got at Christmas?),this lovely
blogger gave me a gift certificate to Lush and this is one of the things I bought with it.  Love!

4.  I'm also loving this C.D.

DeAnn and I got a copy when we saw her in concert a couple months ago but I totally forgot about it until she was playing it in the car the other day so I pulled mine out and started listening to it in the car  on the way home.  It's so good!

Thai food.

 I had never tried Thai food until about a year ago.  We don't eat out that much and Joe loves Chinese food so if we had takeout, that's what we picked up.  DeAnn and I found a very reasonable Thai place near our work and we have gone there a couple of times and it is so yummy!  They have the best Pad Thai there.  So.  Good.  And have you ever tried Thai iced tea  (Cha Yen)? Oh my gosh you HAVE to.  Yum.  Last week we went there and we had Sticky Rice with Mangos (Khao niao mamuang) for dessert.  I have to tell  you, I was very skeptical about it.  I don't like coconut and I am not even that fond of mangos and who eats rice for dessert?  I was not on board.  Until I ate it.  Oh.  My.  Word.  Talk about yummy!  I can't even describe how yummy it was.  The sweetness of the coconut milk with the rice and the tartness of the just have to try it to understand. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Those are 5 things I am loving right now.

What things are you loving right now?  Let me know if you play along!

This is Day 14 of Spring Fling.  This is hard.  My life is simply not that interesting!


Cora said...

Love Thai food especially Phad Thai! Great job keeping up with the blog everyday!

Shannon said...

I love things I'm loving posts. I'm overdue to write one. I know you're on blogger instead of Wordpress but if you're looking for blogging inspiration go here:
They post a topic a day for people participating in the post a day/week challenges. No matter who you are I'd say it's hard to post every day. To come up with something interesting to talk about Remember may not thing your life is all that interesting but to someone else you may be the most fascinating person ever!