Saturday, April 09, 2011

Spring Fling Day 5

I just know I am going to forget to post today so I am going to do it now and add in my pictures later.  Cheating?  Perhaps, but it's the best I got today.

The weather here has been crazy!  Thunder and lightning and hail.  We don't have weather like this often, and I love it.  It's so weird that it was 90 degrees only a week ago though.  I have had lovely migraine for the last 3 days because of it.  Ugh.

I took roughly 50 pictures of clouds yesterday because they were so spectacular.  I will post them tomorrow(I'm sure you are all waiting with baited breath. LOL).  I love clouds.

Tonight is the sleep over with Cameron and Grace (and Finn).  I am looking forward to it but I'm really hoping we all get some sleep.  I am so tired from having this migraine and not sleeping well the last two days.

Speaking of Finn (my sister's yellow lab), we have been watching him for the last couple of days since our weather has ruined their plans to spend their days at the beach and they went to Disneyland instead.

Today I asked Joe how it was going at home with the dog and he said "It's fine. He's kind of annoying me."  I asked him what he meant and he said "Well every chance he gets he sneaks up behind me and starts licking my bald head.  It's really gross."

Heh.  I can see how that might be annoying.

This is Day 5 of M3's Spring Fling.  This might be harder than I thought!

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