Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday

--I am thankful for  Easter candy.

--I am thankful people are still ordering things (mostly necklaces) from me on Etsy.

--I am thankful that Joe has started making the necklaces for me while I am at work, and then I just finish them up (the personalization on the back and the making of the cords) when I get home.  We make a great team!

--I am thankful for for finding my motivation (finally!)  We have been walking 3 days this week so far and I am feeling better because of it already.

--I am thankful for my Kindle.  I haven't read this much since I was a kid.  I am spending most of my time on the weekends reading instead of watching t.v. these days.  I even find myself going to bed early so I can read for an hour before I go to bed.  Loving it!

Spring Fling Day 17

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Laura said...

Any good book recommendations?