Friday, April 22, 2011

Fun Easter Idea

I was persuing one of my favorite websites a few days ago and I saw the coolest thing to do for Easter.

First I picked up a package of Jumbo Easter Eggs at the drugstore:

Then I picked up some small treats to put in them:

In this case, some small candies (sour of course-do you know me at all?), some silly bandz, stickers and tiny litte easter stampers.

I put the loot into the eggs.

Then I put some tiny little labels on them. You could do this with your computer but I wanted mine hand written.  Add some stamps.   I put one .98 cent stamp on each one, plus two forever stamps. 

You could put less, depending on their weight.  Here is the post that describes how she did hers.

Then the fun part. Putting them in the mail.  Yes, you read right.  Mail.  As in drop them in the mailbox, just like that.  Too cool!

I'm pretty sure the man standing behind me at the mail box thought I was crazy.  Especially since they didn't fit at first and I had to physically push them into the slot.  Heh.

The postage for these cost almost as much as the eggs and treats, but how fun are these going to be for the recipients to get in the mail?

5 little girls who are special to me (and one boy) will be getting these in the mail soon.

Oh, FYI-for those receiving these for their little ones-you're going to  need a razor blade, or a box cutter, or possibly the jaws of life to get those suckers open.  I may have used just a wee bit too much packing tape on them so they wouldn't open up during transit.  Good luck with that!  :0

Spring Fling Day 18.  Slowly but surely.


Cora said...

those are so cool! I am definitely doing this next year!

dawn said...

You are so fun! Love this idea.

M3 said...

Oh my gosh this is the best idea!!! I had no idea you could mail non-square things. Crazy fun.

Debz said...

Oh My WORD! Now that right there is the cutest idea ever. I love finding cute ideas like that!
Happy Easter back at you!!

Kayce said...

We got ours today and there is nothing but a big smile on Jennys face! Happy Easter my friend!

Carrie said...

cool idea! Happy Easter buddy!!!

Shannon said...

Awesome idea!!! I've mailed frisbees before but never an egg. Totally stealing this for next year!