Monday, April 11, 2011

Head in the Clouds

If you read my blog this won't come as a big surprise, but I love clouds.  I can't even tell you exactly what it is about them that I love so much.  They're just so pretty. I could look (or take pictures) of them all day.

Last week we had some pretty amazing cloud formations.  Of course I had to capture them on film.

On Friday we had these ominous dark clouds at work.  They were even darker than they look here. Freaky. It hailed right after I took these.

It was strange because there was a patch of blue sky in the middle of the storm clouds

We had a pretty good amount of hail(for us anyway).

This was the sky that same day on the way home.

So beautiful!


Sherri said...

Beautiful photos....I too love clouds, I love them even more when i'm in an airplane flying over top of them...they look like giant cotton balls and how I would love to just lay on them.

Cora said...

Love the cloud pictures!

M3 said...

Hail is just crazy, isn't it? I stand around watching it and grinning and yelling. Good thing we don't get it very often, heh.

Jonni said...

Beautiful images Michelle. :)