Wednesday, August 31, 2005

School has officially begun! It seems to weird to be starting school before Labor Day. When I was a kid, we always started the day after (And I had to walk 6 miles in the snow to get there. Uphill!) Just kidding! It just seems very nostalgic to start a sentence with "When I was a kid..." Any way, the school year is upon us. I much prefer the stucture of the school year to the chaos of the summer at my job. The children are all clean in their nice white uniform shirts, and they don't know me or each other yet, so they are very well behaved. I give it a week! What's so exhausting right now is dealing with the parents! They have a thousand questions they want answered, they're afraid to leave their "big" boys and girls at their new day care(even though most of them went to preschool) But this is Kindergarten. It is a big deal for them! Someone please remind me of this when MY child starts Kindergarten and I am standing at the door crying while they are off in the corner playing, oblivious to me standing in the door way crying. About two more days of this adjusting before pretty much all the kids(parents) become accustomed to their new school and child care. The first week (Is 3 days a week?) is the hardest. I don't know what the deal is, but again we have mostly all boys! It's not like the Kindergarten classrooms have only boys. No, they are pretty much even (10 girls and 9 boys in each class). It's just that none of the girls go to child care. They all go home! I sense a pattern here! Either there are more working moms that have boys, or there are more non working moms that have boys that just don't want them at home all day! Hmmm...I wonder why that could be? Maybe because they are loud, energetic, rough housing, loud, curious, did I mention loud? I swear I am going to have a hearing problem after working at this job for so long.

Aside from work I am feeling good. I should be feeling good, this is the "good" part of the month for me. Hopefully I will have 12 or 13 more days of feeling good. I'm really trying to take it one day at a time. I have to go. I have to take a shower, then spend a couple of hours reading my blogs. Thanks Lisa, for getting me addicted to all these adoption blogs for people I don't even know!

P.S. I wish I had some cute pictures to post every day, but unless you want to see pictures of my animals or kids I work with that you don't even know, you'll have to do without.

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