Thursday, March 29, 2007

I am about done with Lost. I mean really, how many shows can I watch where nothing happens?
It's a weekly joke at our house. Joe will say to me "Ohhhh...Lost is on tonight. Do you know what's going to happen tonight?" And I will respond with "Yes. Nothing." It would be a really good show if they would explain some things and something actually happened on it. Oh well. Every single person I told about the "fake" interview said I should have gone to it. Especially my husband. Although I know they are right, I have reasons for not wanting to go. I have been trying not to write about every single thing that is going on in my life on this blog. Especially if it isn't "happy" or pleasant. I'm trying to keep a more positive outlook. But the truth is, I haven't been feeling great. Physically. I have been having chronic headaches. Pounding headaches that nothing relieves. My blood pressure has been off the charts lately, despite the medication I am taking. Yesterday it was 150/98. That's pretty high. Today is was just slightly lower. For the last two days I have had a headache unlike any other I have ever had in my life. My back had been aching. My face is swollen when I get up in the morning. All of the symptoms I was having back in June, before the kidney disease was diagnosed. I hadn't been having any of them since the disease went into remission in January. I have been worried. And anxious. And terrified. Today I got up to go to work and cried as I pulled my hair into a ratty ponytail because the headache was so bad. I woke Joe up and he decided there was no way I was going in to work today. He called my boss and said he wanted to take me to the E.R., but I was having none of it. I hate the E.R. Hate. It. So we compromised. I promised to go back to bed and rest, and make an appointment with the nephrologist as soon as they opened. Joe called them at exactly nine o' clock. They were booked solid, but said if we came in at around ten they would squeeze us in. So I dragged myself out of bed, pulled on some sweat pants and we drove to the doctor. Because we didn't have an appointment, we had to wait an hour and a half to see the doctor. It turns out that the Depo Provera shots that my gynecologist put me on cause high blood pressure. Great. The kidney disease was the first thing I told my gyno about when we went in. Supposedly I am not allowed to start taking any new medications without consulting the nephrologist first. It makes sense, but I'm new at this kidney disease stuff and didn't know. Since we can't exactly go off of the Depo for another two months, he upped the dose on my blood pressure meds and put me on Prevacid because my abdomen was quite sensitive to him prodding it. My reflux has been worse in the last few weeks. So I got to stay home today. And I am feeling much better. The headache is almost completely gone. He said I shouldn't worry prematurely about whether or not my kidney disease has come back until I get my test results back in May. That seems like a long time to wait, but what am I gonna do. I must find a way to stop worrying. I must. So that was my day. Didn't I just say two days ago that things were uneventful around here? Maybe I should keep my big mouth shut! :)

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