Friday, March 02, 2007

Look what I found

I was visiting my husband at his part time job yesterday when I came across this. It is a journal to put all of your fortunes from fortune cookies in. Each page has a space to paste a fortune, as well as room to write the date you got it and any significance you feel the fortune has. I don't really find much signifgance in fortune cookie fortunes, but I think it is a cute idea. Joe and I are going to see if we can fill it up with fortunes for Sophie. I guess we better start eating a lot more Chinese food! I also found these while I was there. They're so cute. I'm going to use them to make some more wishes to send out. I also got this book, and now I can't put it down. I had these in my basket too, but decided I better show some self control. I did love the vintage look of them though. I really need to stay out of that store. I can never pass up that employee discount!


C.J. said...

Yup - I had to stop it on the bookstores. I was blowing ring ding big dollaringies! I've been doing fine. I just don't go in ;0)

C.J. said...

...oh but now they know how to get me. Clearly they miss my Visa and are now sending me 'free dessert' coupons like mad. They must also know what other addictions I have ;0)

Shannon S said...

Cute finds. Thanks for sharing them!

Jeff and Michelle said...

What a great find! I must get one of those books!

Thanks for sharing!!!


Jonni said...

What a cute idea. I love B&N. They always have awesome stuff.