Sunday, March 25, 2007

I am feeling slightly better. The migraine is gone. The period that never ends is still going strong(sorry, gross) and am having quite a bit of pain(cramping). I'm ready for that to be done with. I layed around in bed all day yesterday. Sometimes I don't mind doing that, but other times it really bothers me. I lie there thinking "I have so much to do!", "I should get up!". Sometimes being so unproductive and not feeling well can start me on a tailspin into a depressive episode. Realizing this, at 5:00 last night my husband turns to me and says "How about we go for a drive?". I balked a little, but he talked me into it, and we headed off towards Laguna Beach, one of our favorite places. We watched the sunset on the beach and did a little window shopping and had a wonderful time. Here are some pictures. I updated the quilt blog again. I have received 51 wishes so far. More than half way there!


Stacy said...

Beautiful pictures. I'm glad you are feeling better.

Jonni said...

Michelle, thanks for the gorgeous pictures. I hope you are feeling better today.


Jane said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! Love the pictures, we went to Laguna Beach once, it is beautiful isn't it!

Cari said...

Hi Michelle-- just came across your blog -- we have the same LID!!
Hope the migraine doesn't come back too soon -- I get them too. Brutal.


Tara said...

A beautiful sunset and fresh air can perk up almost anyone. Good choice! My squish is coming...just running behind...of course!

Kristin said...

Your husband is a wise man... a pretty sunset can improve everything!