Friday, March 02, 2007

Quilt Square Blog Updated

I have updated my 100 Good wishes quilt blog. Thank you so much to everyone that has sent me wishes in the last month. The fabrics are so beautiful and the wishes are neat. I have twenty-five squares now. One quarter of the way done. Sadly, none of my family has sent anything as of yet(*sniff*). I know we have plenty of time, but I'm afraid people will forget. I may have to send out postcard reminders in a few months! I signed up for another quilt swap, so I should be getting another 30 or 40 wishes from that. Here's a link to the quilt blog if you'd like to see the wishes I have received so far.


Jeff and Michelle said...

I haven't done the quilt swap yet. I am trying to decide if I should. It looks like fun!


Shannon S said...

I'd love to send a square/wish your way! Still haven't gotten my immediate family's squares yet either...good grief! Hang in there!

Jonni said...

I am also having a familt getting family squares. I just wanted to tell you how great Sophie's room is looking.


Jonni said...

Sorry, I screwed up my last comment. I was trying to say that I am also having a tough time getting squares from family.