Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It is seven o'clock at night and guess what I just did? I just woke up! After sleeping for two and a half hours! Miss K and I spent the afternoon at the pool, and then I dropped her off at her Mom's work. I was feeling very drowsy while we were there. I didn't even go in the water, which is so unlike me. Anyway, I got home around four-thirty and Joe was in the shower. I laid down on the bed to wait for him and tell him about my day. The next thing I know, he is waking me up telling me he is going to get more boxes, and it is seven o' clock! Now I know something is wrong with me. I have to be coming down sick or something. I simply do not sleep for two hours every evening. Either that or I am falling into that depressive hole again due to all of the stress. I have two more interviews this week. I am trying to remain hopeful and have a positive attitude. Fuzz and Fuzzlet commented on the last post that possibly my boss is not giving me good references. Unfortunately this is entirely possible. We always had a tumultuous relationship, and although I left there on fairly good terms, she was quite angry at me for leaving, and felt that I scheduled my surgery at the last minute just so I could use all of my sick pay. She really isn't allowed to say anything other than that I worked there, and for how long. She isn't supposed to give any info regarding my job performance, but then again she never was the smartest or most professional boss. I truly hope this isn't the case though. There is not much I can do about it, and I'm going to think positively and hope it isn't true. I must go. I have to pack. It is never ending.

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fuzzandfuzzlet said...

Do you have someone that can pretend to call her for a reference? Normally I don`t encourage such games, but if she is giving you an undeserved bad reference you need to know.

Hang in there. I suspect a job is going to come along that makes you glad the others fell through. Try not to take the lack of offers personally. I have been on the hiring side, rarely are they as personal as they seem.