Saturday, August 11, 2007

Let day two of The Nightmare Move now commence! Thanks so much for your kind thoughts and prayers. I know this will pass. I just wish it would pass a little bit quicker! We have to be out of the old apartment by tomorrow, so come Hell or high water, the actual moving part will be done by then. Then it is on to the unpacking......Blah. Do you know that the majority of the fights that my hubby and I have been having is about the amount of useless crap that we own and are putting into boxes and schlepping over to our brand new, shiny apartment? I don't want to schlepp it over there. I want to schlepp it right out to the trash. Or Freecycle it. (If you haven't heard of this, you should look into it. You post stuff you don't want anymore on their website and people come right to your door and take it from you. It rocks!) He wants to keep it all. He says he needs it. Most of it is his stuff that we schlepped over here from the house we rented seven years ago. I'm telling you, he has a problem. We have fought on and off since then about it sitting around in boxes(out on the patio, in the baby's room, filling every closet), but for some reason now it enrages me that we have to still deal withy stuff that in my eyes, we do not need.UGH! I am annoyed just typing it. My brother just called and he is on his way over to help us move so I have to get going. Keep those prayers coming!


Anonymous said...

Do you have anything positive in your life? If you are going to be a mom you have to find something positive abou ypurself and ypur circumstances. A child will take all you have to give emotionally and in terms of energy. You will be bringing a little girl into your life that has not had all the attention she needed, may be sick and underfed. It will be up to you to find even more strength than you think you ever had. Start finding that energy and positive outlook now.

Alyson & Ford said...

I tend to keep hold of lots of "things" that probably don't mean much to others, so I empathize with your DH. Someone other than you will be able to help him separate out his "stuff".
Take care of yourself and make the best of it.... enjoy your new home.

LID 01/27/06