Saturday, October 27, 2007

The following conversation took place at my house last night.
The scene:
I am sitting out on the couch waiting for Joe to get ready to go to the movies. He is in the bedroom. I hear him calling my name.
Me:(not moving from the couch) "WHAT?"
Him: Could you come back here for a minute?
I walk into the back bathroom, where he is standing in front of the mirror.
Me: "What is it?'
Him: (Pointing to the electrical outlet where he plugs his beard trimmer in. I have unplugged it to plug my hairdryer in.) "Do you think that when you are done using the hair dryer in the morning you could try and remember to plug my beard trimmer back in? Everytime I go to use it, it is not charged."
Me: "Ummmm...Sure. I could try to remember to do that."
Him: " Thanks"
I walk back out into the living room. After a few minutes I call his name.
Him:(From the bathroom) "WHAT?"
Me: "Could you come out here for a minute?"
He walks out to the living room. "Yes?" He asks.
I take him in to the kitchen, where every single kitchen cupboard is standing open.
Me: "Do you think that when you get something out of the kitchen cupboard you could close the doors when you are done?"
He smiles and slowly nods his head. "Well Played."
Me: "Thanks".


kris said...

Oh. This is THE BEST. I so hope I have a relationship like yours one day!!

redmaryjanes said...

Oh yes, the marital tit for tat. I know that well. Just had a little taste of it tonight as a matter of fact.
For the record, you came out on top in yours : )

Joannah said...

I'm learning this game, too!

Shelley said...

Love it! heh heh

Brandi said...

That was GOOD!!!!

My husband does the exact same thing with the cabinet doors. Drives me CRAZY!!!!

averysmama said...

Hmm... I might need some lessons. ;)