Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Put a Fork in me. I'm Done.

For today anyway. This has been one long, exhausting day, let me tell you. Since it isn't easy for me to take off of work early to go to the multitude of doctors appointments that I require, I have been making my appointments for my day off. So today I had scheduled a appt. with my OBGYN. It was just a follow up for my hysterectomy, no biggie. Well while I was there he decided he should do a thorough checkup, which I wasn't expecting, so I had to have a pelvic exam. Fun. And then he looked at my chart and realized I had missed my last mammomgram(Bad. I know). So I decided to call right there in the car to make my appointment. I flipped my datebook open to February, because they are always booked a good four months in advance, when she says "I have an opening today. Can you make it?" Of course I could. It's my day off after all. So after a stop at home for something to eat I headed over there for my annual squishing. I had also previously made an appointment to see the kidney doctor, so I headed right over there after my mammogram. The news is good from the kidney doc too. My kidney disease appears to be in remission still, saving me from the evil that is Prednisone for another few months. And while I was in the office they asked me if I would like to get a Flu shot, so I had that too. So all of my girl parts have been checked out and declared healthy, as well as some of my inside parts too. My arm is a little bit sore, and I am tired and ready for bed at six p.m. So much for my day off!

P.S. There are a couple of other body parts of mine that are sore too, but I'll save you the details of that. Heh.
P.S.S. Twelve months baby!


Shelley said...

Hey, congrats on your year anniversary! One more month closer to Sophie! Yay!

Now go rest your sore ta-tas. :)

Kayce said...

HAPPY 12!!!!!!