Sunday, October 14, 2007

Funny Things Heard While Watching my Niece and Nephew

The scene: We are in the car. Joe is sitting in the passenger seat(Scott was driving). Gracie has a magic wand and is waving it around, making things appear and disappear. She waves it over the back of Uncle Joe's head and says "Alacazam, alacazoo, I will grow some hair for you."
There was no coaching from me at all. I swear.

The scene:
We had just purchased Cameron a Magic Trick set from Barnes and Noble. We had opened it and I was showing him how to do some of the tricks.
After showing him how to do some coin tricks, he turns to me and says(very seriously) "Now show me how to make something disappear."
I reply "I did. We just made that coin disappear."
He says "No. Make something really disappear. Not just a trick."
I try to explain that's what magic is. Magicians do tricks, and make it look real."
He says "So I can't make something really disappear?"
"No." I say.
"Oh." he says, and looks terribly disappointed. I can't help feeling like I have somehow taken some of the wonder out of his childhood. That is until Lisa told me later how she told him there's no Santa Clause. Now I don't feel so bad.

And my absolute favorite:
We are sitting in a diner eating lunch. Gracie had ordered a hot dog. It was the biggest hot dog I have ever seen. She was clutching it in her fist, holding it vertically(I don't know why). Suddenly, out of nowhere, she holds it up in the air and says(loudly) "Hey! This is bigger than Uncle Joe!" Heh.


Everyone Has a Story... said...

Wait...there is no Santa?

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

LOL is Joe going to survive babysitting with his ego intact?

Laura said...

OMG ....... that is hilarious! What did Joe do?

Michelle said...

Joe about died when she said it. I would like to clarify though that Gracie has never seen Uncle Joe in that way(ahem). She was making the statement more in the way of "A meatball as big as your head" type of way. She was making a joke, like this hot dog is so big it's bigger than Uncle Joe. Just wanted to make that clear.

fuzzandfuzzlet said...


I think we all knew what you meant, it still sounds REALLY funny.