Sunday, March 30, 2008

3 Words Sunday

Here are mine for the week. I've been missing Tess a lot lately. I don't know why. I know it seems odd for me to miss my dog so much after eight months. Sometimes it seems odd to me too. Joe and I are still going around and around on whether or not to get another dog. The dog we have right now is a handful(see last Sunday's post). Also, we simply cannot agree on what type of dog to get. As much as we would like to, we can't get another Vizsla. As younger dogs, they are not suited for apartments. Tess was seven years old by the time we moved from a house with a yard into our apartment. He wants a puppy. I want a(slightly) older dog. I just don't know if I am ready to deal with the chewing, and the potty training again. And there are so many older dogs in the shelters that need a good home. Whatever we decide, we will for sure be adopting from a shelter. At least we agree on that.

Not a lot going on around here today. Right now we're both watching Golf and drinking a cup of tea. That sentence made us sound very old. Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I'm kind of laying low today. I'm going to be gone the whole weekend next week, so I figure I better rest up now.  I have spent most of the morning cleaning.  The kitchen was a mess, and the living room needed to be de-cluttered and a good vacuuming.  Why is it that my husband can be home all day during the week and not accomplish these things?  Never mind-don't answer that.  I don't even have the energy to get into a discussion about why husbands do(or don't do) things.  The truth is I haven't been feeling all that great.  I began noticing it about a month ago.  A constant, dull headache.  Sore throat that comes and goes without rhyme nor reason, and never develops into anything more.  Body aches.  Feeling very tired, even though I got enough rest the night before.  It's funny how it takes my brain awhile to catch on to what my body is telling me.  At first it's just a nagging worry in the back of my mind.  Haven't I felt this before?  Why are these symptoms so familiar?  And then it hits me.  This is exactly the way I felt for over a year before they diagnosed the kidney disease.  Before I took the  evil Prednisone, which put the disease into remission.  Before the doctor's visit at which my nephrologist told me it was "amazing" how well my body was responding to the evil Prednisone and how "lucky I was that the remission was lasting so long"(15 months now).    For most people it only lasts a short three-six months.   Crap.  I knew this was a possibility.  I know the odds.  I was lucky.  I got relief for fifteen months.  Most people can't say that.  But it still sucks.  I don't even want to get into the repercussions of this right now. I don't even know for sure if it's back.  I don't do another 24 hour urine test or see the doctor again until mid April.  Until then I must find a way not to worry about it. Worrying won't change the outcome.  So for now I just take care of myself.  Get enough rest, keep exercising, try to eat right.  (Why is that one so hard for me?)  And live my life.  That's about all I can do.  Well, that and pray.  Lots of praying.

Oh and guess who  my husband got to ring up at his part time job last night?  Mark McGuire
No kidding!  And do you know what I said when he told me that?  "Really?  The front man from Sugar Ray?"  (I used to love them. What happened to them?)   He replied "No doofus. Not Mark McGrath.  Mark McGuire. The baseball player".  (Doofus is a term of endearment in our house).    But he didn't ask for his autograph or anything, because he's too cool for that.  But I did ask him what he bought.   He had two little boys with him and he bought a bunch of Transformers books.  My husband said only a woman would have asked what he bought.  Whatever. Inquiring minds want to know!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Here are some things I am thankful for right now:

1. Friends. I had lunch with a friend today and had such a nice time. She lives right down the street from my work so I foresee many more lunches to come. Thanks J!
2. I am thankful for my job. I am enjoying what I do and me and my co-worker laugh every single day about something or other. Thanks D!
3. I'm thankful for our dog. She might be vicious to people she doesn't know, but she is so incredibly happy to see me when I come home from work. I have been missing our Tess a lot in the last few weeks, and she makes that pain much more bearable.
4. I am thankful for the gym. I finally got back to the gym today after hurting my back three weeks ago and it feels good to be active again.
5. I am thankful to have a few days off in the first week of April and that I am going back up to my sees-ters for a longer visit.
6. I am thankful for fat free frozen yogurt. I am trying to eat healthier and it tastes just like ice cream. I am about to have some right now. Yum.
7. I am thankful for the free books my husband gets from his part time job. He just brought me home four more and now I have a stack on my bedside table that I can't wait to start.

What are you thankful for?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

17 months

I was gonna do a Wordless Wednesday Post, but then I realized that today is our 17th "LID"-aversary, and I couldn't do that without words, because "month" is a word. I kind of suck at the wordless Wednesdays thing. Anyway, 17 months today. Wow. They really are flying by these last few months. Let's see how I feel when I have to type a number in the fifties, which could totally happen. I doubt I'll be in my happy place then. If I did have to choose a photo to sum up our day, this would be it:

You can probably guess what we did today. We owe almost a thousand dollars in State taxes. Ugh. But we're getting back some from Federal, plus the tax rebate, which we totally qualify for, so it's all relative I guess. I'm just glad it's done. As soon as our accountant gets them back to us, we'll drop them in the mail and then not worry about it for another year. Except for changing the withholdings for the state. I'm tired of owing them money every year. There goes another eighty five bucks or so a month from my paycheck. Sigh. We will get ahead someday, right?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Since I had my hysterectomy last Spring, and the subsequent ceasing of menstrual cycles, I haven’t had very many food cravings. I mean, if chocolate was put in front of me I would eat it and enjoy it, but I didn't have the “I have to have that right now and you better get out of my way before I plow you over” type of craving.

Until tonight that is. Joe is teaching a night class, so he isn't home and I was trying to decide what to have for dinner. I hate to cook for just myself(who am I kidding. I pretty much just hate to cook, period). All of a sudden I had this craving for pancakes. Yes, pancakes. For dinner. Don’t tell me you’ve never had pancakes for dinner. If you haven’t, you should try it.

Anyway, I digress. So I’m sitting home by myself and I get a hankering for some pancakes.(I spent almost ten of my formative years at a stables with my horse, so yes, I can use the word hankering).

I go into the kitchen and look in the cupboards and there is no pancake mix to be found. Yes, I use prepackaged pancake mix that you just add water to. Refer back to the “I hate to cook” paragraph.

I was bummed for a minute until I thought to myself “Hey-I’ll bet I have the stuff in my cupboards to make homemade pancakes.” So I hit the internet and came up with a couple of pancake recipes and sure enough, I DID have all of the ingredients.

So I whipped myself up some homemade pancakes. And as I was mixing the ingredients together I thought to myself “Do you know what would make these pancakes better?”

Chocolate chips! So I look in the cupboard and sure enough, there is a bag of chocolate chips I bought intending to make some fudge that never got made.

So I dumped those in the bowl. As I was stirring in the chocolate chips I thought “ you know what would make these even better?

Bananas! Oh yeah. Bananas. Yum. Into the batter they went.

So I cooked me up some banana-chocolate chip pancakes the size of my head! Well, almost the size of my head. And I just finished eating four of those babies and now I’m feeling a little sick to my stomach. But boy, were they good!

Here are some pictures:

I went to the cupboard to pull out a plate to put the pancakes on, and this was the first one I grabbed, because it was on top. It is left over from a visit from my niece and nephew a couple of years ago. There is also a Backyardigans one for Gracie.

And then I finished writing this post and realized I just spent the evening making pancakes for myself for dinner and then taking pictures of it and eating them off of a Bob the Builder plate. I hope China speeds up soon because I’m not sure what will happen to me if I go much longer without having any children. :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday Relaxation

We're playing kind of low key on this Easter Sunday. This is the first time in probably eight or nine years that I haven't been in SF spending Easter with my niece and nephew. I miss them. There really isn't a lot for a childless couple to do on Easter(besides church, which I already did). There's no need to visit the Easter Bunny, or buy stuff to fill a basket, or dye or hide Easter eggs. I wonder how many more Easters before we get to experience that. Too many.

Anyway, Joe and I are about to leave to find some place that is open for breakfast(lunch? It's 12:15 here), then we are planning on driving down to Laguna Beach to check out the tide pools. The weather here is in the high eighties, so I'm sure we're the only people on the planet to have that plan :)

On another note, we've been having some problems with our dog escaping from our yard lately. After three years in the same place, she has decided the grass is greener on the other side of the patio fence. There is a small gap between the concrete floor and the wooden fence, and she has been wriggling under it and going on little jaunts around our complex. Usually we don't even know she is out until we hear her trying to attack someone who is walking by.

I know you think I am exaggerating, but I am not. She is the friendliest, sweetest little dog in the world to myself and Joe, and a small handful of other people she likes(my sister and my dad), but around strangers she turns vicious. Barking, growling, baring her teeth. It's scary! If you don't believe me, ask my friend DeAnn. She pet sat for us over Thanksgiving and I thought Gizmo was seriously going to eat her. She thought so too!

So anyway, the other day Joe went to the laundry room and when he came back, she came flying out of the bushes barking and growling at him, until she realized it was him and then returned to her sweet little self. He said it was like she was laying in wait for him!

So today I come out of the shower and I realize she isn't in the apartment. There are only so many places she could be. So outside I go to investigate, and sure enough, she's laying under the bushes right outside our patio. It totally looked like she was just biding her time until some unsuspecting stranger came along so she could attack! I'm very concerned about this. What if she bites someone? We're removing the doggie door until we can find a solution to the gap in the fence.

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions on how to socialize her so that she won't attack people she doesn't know? She never did like strangers much, but ever since our other dog passed away she has gotten ten times worse. She is a small dog, so I realize it is based in fear, but to our knowledge she has never been hurt by a person and we have no idea why she reacts this way to people she doesn't know. Perhaps some doggie Prozac is in order.

For now we have decided to just keep her locked up in the house and change her name to "Cujo".

We're off to enjoy our Sunday.

It's hard to believe that I'm talking about this sweet little dog, isn't it? Well it's true. Don't get too close. You'll lose a hand! I'm serious!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Three Word Sunday

Here are my three words for this week. Happy Easter!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful to have gotten to spend last weekend with my niece and nephew, and thankful that I get to go back in a couple of weeks! I am lucky.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Random pictures

I just got around to uploading some pictures from this weekend. They are all from my phone, as my camera isn't working properly and I have yet to get it looked at, so the quality is not great.

The airport on the way to Lisa's

Bay Bridge

View from the airplane

Cameron's first baseball game

View from the airplane on the way home

My Dad and brother's new puppy. Isn't he the cutest?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I think I might be one of the most self centered people in the universe because I wrote a post whining about my insignificant problems instead of wishing my Sees-ter a happy anniversary. Today is her and Scott's  thirteenth wedding anniversary and I almost forgot!  Bad sister. Bad, bad sister. Happy anniversary sees-ter!  Hope it was a good one!

This picture was supposed to be posted yesterday but I didn't get it from Lisa until today so I'm posting it now. Fun times.

You know how sometimes you come home from a vacation or a weekend get away and everything you left at home is still there when you come home and it brings you down a little? That's how I'm feeling today. A little bit down. I've been trying to curb the personal details of my life here a little bit the last few months. Things have definitely improved slowly in the last few weeks, but we're still not where I want us to be. It's just not the same. I want things back the way they were. I want to sleep in the same room as my husband.

I want him to have his own car. I want him to have a job. A job that supports us. I want him to have a cell phone again so I can get a hold of him, for goodness sake's. Are those things too much to ask for? I want things back the way they were before my life fell apart almost twelve weeks ago. Gosh, has it been that long? It seems like only yesterday.

To top it all off we're in the middle of the dreaded adoption paperwork renewal. We call it the "Do-over". You know, the one that we will likely have to re-do again, and maybe even one more time after that? Why can't we just let it expire and renew in two years when we are close(er) to a referral? Is that allowed? Can anyone enlighten me on this one? Because it sucks. Everything has changed since the first time we did it. New address, new jobs, new doctors.

All of this makes me very tired. I just want to crawl into bed until everything is "normal" again.

But who knows how long that will be.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We're off in search of some Guinness for Joe(yuck).

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Girl's Weekend

I'm at my sister's house right now for a quick weekend get away. We spent all day today at the scrapbook expo. It was the second time around for me, as I was able to catch it when it was down my way a few weeks ago. We made some very cute things today. I have no pictures to show though, as not one picture was taken today. What a lousy excuse of a scrapbooker I am. :)
I have to go home tomorrow already. Bummer. But I'll be back again in a few weeks, so I can't be too sad. Here's something funny that happened tonight when we got home from dinner.

I went downstairs to change my clothes and Gracie followed me. I took my pants off and was standing there in just my shirt and underwear. Gracie turns to me and says:

Um, Aunt Michelle I don't like it when you have no pants on.

I replied: Oh. I'm sorry. You might want to turn around then, because I am about to change my shirt.

Why should I turn around?

Because you don't like it when I have no pants on, so you probably won't like it when I have no shirt on either.

Oh, no. It's okay when you have no shirt on.
I like to look at these.

And then my four year old niece totally felt me up.

I am not kidding. She placed her hands on my breasts to emphasize "these"

Then she said "What are they called again?"

So we not only had to have a conversation about appropriate(and inappropriate) ways to touch other people, but then I got to have a conversation on the correct anatomical term for breasts.

Never a dull moment around here, I'm telling you.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Public Service Announcement

Did you know today is World Kidney Day? There are 26 millions Americans that suffer from chronic kidney disease and 100,000 people on the national waiting list for lifesaving organs. There is a very high chance(70%) that I will be one of those people in the next seven to ten years.

Did you also know that the actor/comedian George Lopez unknowingly suffered from kidney disease and recently received a kidney transplant from his wife?

Kidney disease is scary because the symptoms can be hard to diagnose. Some people have no symptoms at all until their kidneys have already been damaged. That was the case with me. I knew that something was not right and I "just didn't feel good", but I kept going to the doctor and they couldn't find anything wrong. Finally my General Practitioner noticed a high amount of both blood and protein in my urine and after months of tests and a kidney biospy I was diagnosed. The disease had been in my body for five or six years, but no one caught it and irreparable damage to both my kidneys had already occurred by that time.

Kidney disease can be caused by high blood pressure, or diabetes. Even using too many over the counter pain killers over a long period of time can cause kidney disease. In my case, it is an autoimmune disease. That means my body is attacking itself. We don't know why. Just lucky I guess. :) That means I didn't do anything or have any other disease that caused it. I probably had the disease for ten or more years and the symptoms only started showing up in the last 5.

In fact, if it hadn't been for the medical paperwork that was required for the adoption, I might still not have a diagnosis and I very well could have gone into kidney failure. So you could say that this adoption saved my life!

For more information on kidney disease, go to the National Kidney Foundation website.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I got nothin'.  A whole lotta nothing going on around here lately.  Get up, go to work, come home, go to bed, repeat process the next day.  I did go to a Chiropractor on Tuesday. It was......interesting.  It freaked me out a little bit.  I was not prepared for the sound my neck was going to make when he did the adjustment.  It was loud!  He did spend part of the session massaging my back and neck, and I did feel much better afterwards. The  bad news is that I seriously strained a ligament in my lower back and it's going to take four to six weeks to completely heal.  Sigh.  At least I can walk upright again!  The Hunchback look wasn't good on me.  I have completely wasted my day off today.  We're headed out now to pick up something to cook for dinner and then we might watch a movie.  Boring, my life.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


It's a beautiful day out, but here I lay on the couch, bored. My back is feeling much better but I want to give it one more day of rest before I overdo it and am back in the same situation again tomorrow. We're planning a leisurly walk around the lake near our house later this evening, so we'll see how that goes. I've been doing quite a few more digital scrapbook pages. I really enjoy this medium, but it is making me want to get out my stuff and do some "regular" pages. Of course then I want to go to the scrapbook store and buy more stuff, so it's best I stick with the digital for now. Here's one I did of our anniversary. I try to steer clear of the traditional red and pink that usually goes along with Valentine's Day. That gets old after awhile. I can't believe it's almost five o' clock already. Darn that lost hour! :)

3 Words and I've Been Tagged

Here's my three word submission for the week. I wish we could go back. I had much more fun last weekend than I am having this one.

Also, I've been tagged by Lisa at Journey to Diana
Here's the deal:
1. Pick the nearest book that has 123 pages.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next 3 sentences
5. Tag 5 people

I'm laying in bed doing this, so the first book within reach was The One Year Bible. I'm trying to read it every day.  Anyway, here's the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eight sentences:

Now the Lord said to Moses,
Take the Levites in place of the firstborn sons of the people of Israel.  
And take the livestock of the Levites as subsititutes for the first-born livestock of the people of Isreal.  The Levites will be mine; I am the Lord.

I've seen this going around before, so I'm tagging the only two people I know for sure haven't done it. My Sees-ter and my friend DeAnn.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

I've just returned home from lunch with my Dad. My back still hurts. A lot. I'm not sure if it is a side effect from the pain, or what I had for lunch but now I'm feeling quite nauseous too. Blech. Each day that goes by that I feel rotten I feel my positive thinking slipping away. I try to so hard to keep my thoughts from straying into negative thoughts. But it's so hard for me, especially when in pain and feeling lousy.

Today when I was taking Joe to work(we're still sharing a car(don't ask-It may very well put me over the edge completely), we passed by our neighbor's apartment(the one right next to ours).

Our neighbor was standing outside on her porch. There was a blue balloon floating next to her that said "It's a Boy!".

She invited us in to see her new grandbaby. She has a new two day old baby grandson, by her daughter.

Her daughter is fifteen. I never saw her pregnant. Apparently she went to live with some relatives for the last six months of the pregnancy.

Our neighbor is a single woman in her forties, with a fifteen year old daughter and an eighteen year old son, two dogs and a cat. They live in the same floor plan we do. 1,000 square feet, two bedrooms, two bath, patio.

There was a porta crib shoved into a corner of the dining room, and the couch bed was folded out into a bed.

Looking around their cramped apartment I couldn't help wonder where they were going to put the baby when he got older. Not to mention all the stuff that a baby comes with.

As we walked out of their apartment towards the car I was overcome with a huge wave of sadness. Here we are. Late thirties. Married for fifteen years. With a room not ten feet from their kitchen window full of baby clothes and baby toys and baby stuff and an empty crib, just waiting for a baby.

A baby that we very well could wait another three years for.

I have been trying very hard to be O.K. with the wait. Especially given some of the things we have been dealing with in our marriage lately.

But I'm having a hard time getting my head around this one. I'm not judging these people, and I'm not debating the "fairness" (or unfairness) of it. Because life's not fair. I know that all too well.

I guess the question I'm struggling with the most right now is "Why not us"?

And Dude. Did they have to live right next door?


I've taken my conversation with Pam to private e-mail, where it probably belonged in the first place. I'm just having a bad week and finding out about the fifteen year old next door neighbor being pregnant just brought up some feelings that I thought I was over. I guess those feelings will always be a part of me and will never completely go away. Not everyone will share those feelings and that's O.K. too.

Friday, March 07, 2008


I'm glad it's Friday. I guess that goes without saying. This has been a long week. And I had Monday off. It was a long short week. Mostly due to the fact that my back is still really hurting. A lot. How long does this type of thing typically last? Because I'm ready for it to be over now. Being in pain really drains me. I can't believe I used to deal with chronic pain on a monthly basis for almost two week intervals. So grateful that is gone. So grateful. But I'm in an extraordinary amount of pain right now. Can't stand up straight. Laying flat on my back on the couch. With my laptop perched precariously on my stomach. Can you say obsessive? I wanted to post last night about the A I eliminations, but just couldn't muster up the energy. Luke went home. Sob! I heart Luke. Although I really didn't care for any of his song choices much. My new crush is Michael Johns. He's yummy. Wow. This post is wildly informative. I'll leave you with another digital scrapbook page I did. I'm really getting into this. I need more help on printing them though. I tried uploading one to Cost Co but it wouldn't upload. It was very frustrating. I tried like ten times and it kept saying "upload failed". It's annoying. And I am in no mood to be annoyed.

P.S. I'm seriously considering going to see a chiropractor. I have never been to one though, and I have some fears and doubts. My General Practitioner is strongly against them, but I have a friend who goes to one and swears she feels a million times better after seeing him. Any personal experience and/or advice?

My husband wants me to feel better soon because I am seriously in pain and very grouchy.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Digital Scrapping

Having nothing else I can do today besides lay on the couch, I decided to try some digital scrap booking of some of the camping pics. This page turned out nicely I think. Love the colors in in. I may need a nap soon, as I took a muscle relaxant I had left over from my E.R. visit in September and now am feeling quite sleepy because of it. I would like to do a couple more pages today. Now if only I could figure out how to get these printed out so I can put them in a book. Any suggestions? Lisa?(my sister)

Marginally Better

My  back is only marginally better. I can stand almost upright now.  The funny thing is, now it hurts in different places in addition to the place it hurt yesterday. I'm pretty sure it is from the hunching over I did all day yesterday, and now those muscles are sore.  Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately Ibuprofin or Mortin are out for me because of the kidney disease, so I have to stick with Tylenol and heat packs for now.  My doctor will absolutely not allow me any of those particular pain killers. At. All. He says they are basically poison for my already damaged kidneys. And he's the doctor, so you know, I kind of have to listen to him.  I'm going to try out the hot tub at our complex tonight, as I took a bath last night and it seemed to help quite a bit. I'm also going to take Lisa's suggestion and consume copious amounts of chocolate.  That will help for sure. Thanks Lisa!  

Kristen had a question about one of the pictures in my slide show.  On Sunday we were sitting on the beach soaking up the sun when we see this couple come walking down the beach with a pack of dogs.  Yes, a pack.  I tried to count them, but they were crazily a running all over, getting their leashes all tangled up and I kept counting the same ones over again. At one point he let their leashes fall and it was pandemonium!  They were scrambling all over the place, chasing each other and playing. It was so cute!  I managed to count about eleven of them, most of them chihuahuas, with a couple of other types of small dogs mixed in.  I never did get to ask him is he was a dog walker or if they all belonged to them.  It was funny.  I just had some breakfast and now I'm back to laying on the couch. Thank goodness for my day off.  I heart my job.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Apparently it is possible to have too much fun because I got up this morning and felt fine but when I got out of the car at work, I did something to my back and by the end of the day I could hardly stand upright.  So all day I walked around like a ninety year old woman, hunched over and looking like I needed a cane.  Are you kidding me?  It's always something with me.  Sheesh.  And we were crazy busy at work today too.  So now I'm laying flat on my back on the couch and I literally cannot move at all, my back hurts so bad.  Perhaps it was all of the loading/unloading of the car for our trip. Perhaps it was sleeping on an air mattress for two nights. Perhaps it was hiking up(and down) the steep trails getting to and from the beach, or the long walks on the sand I took. Whatever it was, it sucks. Lucky for me I have tomorrow off, although I had planned on getting a bunch of stuff done and now I'm pretty I won't get any of it done. Sigh. This has never happened to me before. I don't even know how to treat it. Heat packs or ice?  Stay immobile, or try some light stretching?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I'm off to G**gle "back pain" and take some Tylenol.  'Night.

Monday, March 03, 2008


Here's a slideshow from our camping trip. It was everything I had hoped it would be and more. So much more. We really needed that. I tried to book another weekend sometime in the summer, but they are booked solid(even weekdays) from the end of April all the way through the first week in October! So we were very lucky to get these reservation, and have this weekend off, and beautiful weather to boot. It's almost like it was meant to be! Must go now. Have unpacking to do and dinner to make. Back to real life. Hey, one work day and then a day off again. Gotta love that! 

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

3 Words

There's this thing going on in Blogland. It's called three words. It's based on a series Good Morning America did this summer, and is continuing on their Saturday broadcast.

Here' s their explanation of it:

If one word can convey a lot about your state of mind, just think how much three words could reveal. That hope has been more than fulfilled with "Your Three Words," the hugely successful video montage that ends every episode of i-CAUGHT. From military spouses and their children saying "I Miss You" to their loved ones in Iraq, to young couples celebrating with the sign "Having a Baby," the video uploads have been eloquent expressions from i-CAUGHT viewers harnessing the power of the Internet to speak out. To be heard. To share. Each week, more and more viewers have sent in their homemade tributes, and "Your Three Words" has grown to become one of the most anticipated and surprising parts of the show. It's as if the old-fashioned question that kicked off the segment -- "How was your week?" -- had been missing from the landscape, and TV viewers couldn't wait to answer it. And there's still time for you join in the conversation. Tell us how your week was. From the sublime to the ridiculous, nothing's too big or too small to send in. Write your three words on your palm, cut it out in letters, paste it (strategically -- and tastefully) over your body. Shoot it with your digital camera, webcam or cell phone, and upload it to the i-CAUGHT page. "Your Three Words" is your chance to speak your mind, a handful -- and a heartful -- at a time.
You can watch the most recent one(from today) here:
Three Words Montage
Here's another one
And One More
I cry every time I watch these. Some of them are so poignant. One of my fellow bloggers came up with the idea to have other bloggers participate in this every week. I love this idea. So every Sunday I will post a picture with my three words for the week.
Here are my three words this week:

When I told my husband about it, he wanted to join in too. So here are his three words:

I look a little scary in that photo.  Oh well.  Have a good week!