Sunday, August 06, 2006

Did I say I was going to be quiet? Bwhahaha!

When I told my husband I wasn't going to be posting to my bog for awhile, his reaction was to burst out laughing. He said he would give me one day before I was furiously typing and posting. I hate it wheh he's right. I woke up today feeling much better. I don't know why. But I'm glad. It seems the last couple of posts worried some of my family. Well don't worry. Joe and I have talked about it at length and I do realize that the particular antidepressant I am currently taking is not working. It could be due to the Prednisone, or maybe it just isn't a good fit, but either way something needs to be done. Also, I am abandoning the "no pain killer" rule for now. The muscle aches and fevers are horrible, and have been my main complaint for the last two weeks. I feel better when I take some Tylenol, so I'm going to take as much as I need until I can get to the doctor. We are taking a trip to the health food store today, to pick up a bunch of vitamins and supplements that are supposed to help people with this disorder. As for work, I only have to make it through four more days, and I am planning on only working six hours instead of eight. So I have a plan to feel better. Now I just have to call and go see at least two different doctors and impress upon them that a change needs to be made so that I can stop feeling miserable. Good thing I have Joe on my side.

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Shovelin' Fool said...

Hey Michelle! I'm glad to see ya posting (and my husband would have laughed at me too! Remember, you and I are starting our own Blogaholics Anon. group!)

Be well,