Monday, August 14, 2006

Pictures of my furbabies

Donna over at Waiting for Lauren Elizabeth asked for us to post pictures of our fur babies, so here they are!


Donna & Joe said...

Michelle, thanks so much for posting photos of your furbabies! They are such cuties.

I totally relate to what you said about shuttering to think about losing your older baby. Our greyhound, Addy, is 12yrs old and sick with cancer, but she is such a tropper and is hanging on much longer than the doctors anticipated. I just can't imagine not having her with us and am making it a point to enjoy every day we have with her.

I hope you are doing the same with your older furbaby. :)

Lisa and Tate said...

What cute fur babies!!! Why is it dogs are so loveable??? I cannot imagine my life withour Mesa!!!


Kristin said...

omg... is that a min-pin?! sooo sweet!

Sandy said...

Awww, how precious! I'm a sucker for grey hair on a dog's face, shows the dignified years of age!

Glo said...

Hi...Thanks for visiting Elia's blog. Yep She is as cute as ever and an absolutel delight. I left my Thank You on your furbabies posts cause I am a furbabie lover too. I especially like the phot of the bigger one. Is he/she an older dog?

Thanks again for stopping by.