Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A very quick post

O.K., I only have time for a super quick post, as I am supposed to be leaving right this very minute to meet with my fellow bloggers for dinner. I just came from the nephrologist. The test results are in, and they are good! My overall kidney function is good, and the total protein in my urine is down from 5 grams to .08 grams. The word the doctor used to describe these results is "remarkable". That means the Prednisone(and the supplements, and all the prayers and good thoughts) is working. It is working far more effectively than we ever hoped. Finally, some good news. Of course, this means I have to stay on the prednisone for the whole six months. That's the only bummer. But he did give me something to help with the "mental" side effects. (I know, I know, more meds). Remind me later how he was explaining to me how some people who are taking Prednisone actually become psychotic and how my husband burst out laughing as if to say "Too late!". O.K., now I'm gonna be late! Had to share the good news though.

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Laura said...

Yeah!!! Great News!