Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A load of crap

That's what I threw out of my room today. Such crap you have never seen! Where does it all come from? I was going to post pictures of our full dumpster, but Joannah already posted one of the dumpster she filled up, and it looks exactly the same, so if you really want to see it, look at hers. You've seen one full trash dumpster, you've seen them all! It felt so good to throw all of that stuff out. I really need to do that at my apartment. Why do we feel the need to hold on to things we don't need? The room looks so clean, with fresh paint and waxed floors and freshly shampooed carpets. Tomorrow we get to put together all of the new toys we bought. Fun! We got a train table, and new dollhouses, board games, and manipulatives(legos, blocks, etc.) I'm so glad Joe is home tonight because for the next three days I am working from seven to three and he is working three to eleven. Unless I stay up way past my bedtime, I won't be seeing him for three days. Well, we'll sleep in the same bed, but that is hardly quality time spent together. He's working this weekend too. Sigh. I am not liking this "part time" job at all. At least it's only for the next two months or so, until we're caught up from the two months he doesn't get paid. I wish so much he could find a full time position. We've been waiting five years now.

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Joannah said...

It does feel good to purge, doesn't it? That was the second time in my teaching career that I've had to clear out a retiring teacher's room. The first time was my first year of teaching, and so I was thrilled. This time of course was different. Fortunately, I've gotten over my resentment towards the person who left the room like that - he's got issues and deserves some compassion - but I wish administrators would require teachers to keep their rooms clutter-free. It shouldn't have to become someone else's problem.