Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Much Better Day

Today was a much better day than the previous few days, even though I was up literally all night long with hot flashes and night sweats. Those are simply horrible. My Dad came to visit me today and we went out! Of the house! We went to lunch, and to Jo-Anne's Crafts(one of my very favorite places in the world). Now I can try out the embroidery function on my new sewing machine. I am so excited. Anyway, being out of the house is so much better than being stuck in it, brooding. I haven't cried once today. Yay me. I had to put on another low dose Estrogen patch until I can get the new prescription filled. 50 mg simply was not enough hormones for someone of my body weight. I am hoping it will help. Only time will tell. I may have overdid it a little today because man am I sore. I don't care though because I am in a much better place than the emotional abyss I have been in for the last three days. Yuck. That's no fun. Hopefully I can get some much needed sleep tonight. I am even going to attempt making dinner tonight. Joe will be happy about that. Even though he has been a wonderful caregiver, and hasn't complained even once about having to make all of the meals and pick up the house, I know he will be happy when I am back to my normal self. If there is such a thing :)
I'm off to make dinner and enjoy the rest of my Saturday(laying on the couch with a heating pad on my stomach). I hope your Saturday night is a little more exciting than that!

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Feel better.