Monday, May 28, 2007

Not much going on today. Joe had to work, and I have to stay here and watch Tess. She is doing only slightly better. She still cannot walk unassisted and since I can't carry her, when she wants something she rolls off of the couch and stumbles blindly toward her destination(the patio, the water dish). She still refuses to eat anything. She hasn't eaten since Thursday. I am so worried about her. I wish she would just get better. I don't like her being sick. Not one bit. The concert last night was very good. SKRUK rocks! Well, not exactly, but they were really very good and I enjoyed them and even came home with one of thier C.D.'s That's all I got. Hanging at home by myself on a holiday weekend. Relaxation is good. I'm starving and must go see if there is anything to eat in our empty fridge. Note to self: Must go shopping for food.


Tracy said...

I don't know if this helps much at all, but I read your posts to my husband (a Veterinarian) and he said it's most likely "old age vestibular disease)same one as you came up with. He said there isn't really anything to do (can last a few days to several weeks). Said the vet needs to rule out inner ear infection (would need antibiotics) or a couple other things, but most likely it's what you already came up with. He said Bonine (generic name Meclizine....he says it only comes in one strength...once a day) will help with the nausea (from feeling like her world is spinning) and keep her in a small safe calm and quite area (he said small because the room is spinning for her and it will be a smaller area that will be spinning). I don't know if any of that helps or not, he did say it only sounds like a medium case since he's seen dogs that just roll on the ground trying to counteract the spinning of the room.

Good luck!

(Amelia Rae-China, Jack Louis-Vietnam)

Kylie's momma said...

So sorry to hear Tessie is only slowly getting better. Sending you good thoughts from MT. Glad to hear tho' that you're feeling better and getting out and about. I can only imagine how cabin fever has set in. Good luck in accomplishing your cleaning projects and what not. Susan

Isabella's mommy & daddy said...

I hope Tess gets better.. I know how it feels when one of your pets is sick.. We have 3 dogs..and they are just like one of the kids..
I will be thinking about Tess.