Friday, August 22, 2008

Today I had the pleasure of hanging out with some very cool Blogger friends. How lucky am I?

We spent all afternoon by Shelley's pool, hanging out and eating some awesome snacks that Shelley had put together.

I even got to meet a few blog friends I had not previously met.
Kristen and Eva Jun were there(and Kristen's mother-in-law too).

I also got to meet Karen and Kailee for the first time. Kailee was such a cutie. I wanted to take her home with me :) I loved her so much I offered to babysit for Karen, and I hope she takes me up on it! (I meant that Karen. I wasn't just saying it)

Kristen's good friend Tori was also there, with her girls.

Shelley's friend Nora was there for a short period too, as were her girls, but I don't think she has a blog(gasp!) and I took very few pictures so I don't think I have any of them.

I hope to pilfer more pictures off of Shelley, as I was in the pool much of the time(with one or more children on top of me), so I didn't get much photo taking in.

We had So. much. fun. Thanks Shelley, for inviting us. A great time was had by all.

We missed you Joannah!

Here are the few pics I did manage to snap

Eva and Grace
Craziness in the Pool

Me doing an impression of a Mermaid. Badly.

Gracie Girl

Grace and Eva again

Charlotte and Grace

We each even got to take home a lovely parting gift. Some of this beautiful, yummy Salmon that Shelley's husband Rich had brought home from work. MMMMMMMmmmmmmm.........

This will be our dinner(a couple of times!) next week.


Tracy said...

Hey, anytime you are anywhere in the vacinity of TN (I will travel if you are even close...haha) you have a standing invitation to babysit MY

Kayce said...

What fun you had! Love the mermaid pics, you are a beautiful one!!!

Skubella Family said...

The fun days of summer...ahhhh You are all such beautiful bathing beauties :)