Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympians to Watch-Cheryl Haworth USA

Cheryl Haworth
Sport: Weightlifting
Team: USA
Why You Should Care: body positivity, women's weightlifting is maybe even more awesome than women's wrestling

Cheryl Haworth wants women to love their muscles. At 5'9" and 315 lbs, she says, "It’s fun to be strong." She's fast, too, running a 40-yard dash in five seconds. Her strength, speed and legendary confidence helped her win numerous national titles and a bronze medal in Sydney. However, injuries have made her feel "like an old lady" at 25, and Beijing will likely be her last Olympics. When she retires, she says, ""I'd like to experience the real world, get a job. The Olympics is an honorable endeavor, but you get tired of thinking about yourself all the time. I'd like to do something for others."

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