Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We interrupt this week's Olympic fever........

To bring you a rant. Or a temper tantrum. Or a complete and total meltdown. Whichever of those things best describes the situation that went on at our house last night, which subsequently ended with me crying myself to sleep and waking up this morning with my eyes swollen almost shut.

And I can't even share it here with you all. Sigh.

This adoption is kicking my butt.

It has to do with updating our paperwork and a huge problem that we just found out about last night(via e-mail).

This of course has had us on the phone with both of our agencies this morning(we have a home study agency for the American side of things and a placing agency for the China side), trying to figure the whole thing out but right now it is a hot mess and I'm just so tired of it all.

Last night I was sad. Today I am angry.

Why can't any of this be easy?

How can "the powers that be" expect two people's lives to stay exactly the same and not have changed at all in a three year period of time(when we started this whole process)?

Everything has changed for us in the last 3 years. Our address. Our jobs. Our income level. Our doctors.

Why do they have to change the rules, making it more difficult for us to obtain the information that they require? (Although it is totally our fault that we have to adhere to the new requirements. But still-why did they have to change them?)

Why is China taking so freaking long, which is requiring us to do all of this over again in the first place?


After lengthy conversations with both agencies it appears that all will work out. But first we must spend hours and hours of time obtaining all of the information that they need and mucho dinero to bring things back to where they should be.

If you are the praying type, could you spare one for us? We're gonna be needing them.


Tracy said...

I am sending good vibes your way. I can't imagine what is going on, but then again I don't keep up with the changes and Hague and all of that anymore. I hope you can get it all done with min. amount of money and effort!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Sending prayers... and hugs... and huge doses of "I'm so sorry."

Kayce said...

Lots of prayers for you! This whole mess is just crazy and maddening! I'm sorry you and Joe are having to deal with this. Hang in there and let me know if you need anything. Hugs!!!!

KHM said...

Yea, it stinks.

So sorry. I am not impressed by the Hague. Not at all. It is causing too many of these situations

Teena said...

michelle, man, that bites. I know you can't give too many details on a public forum but I get the jist of it and that is so unfair...I hope it works out and I'm glad it sounds like it will. but so crappy that you had to go through so much grief and sadness and so much time is going to be wasted obtaining the info they need. I've often thought that about adoptions and how so much can change from the home study to placement and what does that mean to an agency?

Journeywoman said...

This whole thing stinks.

I thought we were grandfathered in under the old rules? Isn't that the case?

Please email about it if it is not.

Joannah said...

I'm sorry, Michelle. I hope it all comes together for you.

Shannon said...

Sending you prayers, good thoughts and hugs. Try and focus on what enduring these trials will bring you...your baby! =)

Shelley said...

I hate this current system. It is absolutely and unnecessarily ridulous and causes so much pain ...and the kids suffer and miss out.

Shame on both governments for not working with waiting parents while China changes its rules on everyone! They both stink!

I'm sorry Michelle. I hope it all comes together for you guys.

Rosie said...

So much can change in such a short time and we've also been waiting over three years.This year has been a bad one for us and the wait is soul destroying for us all.HUGS.