Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lisa sent me pictures from the weekend last night and Joe woke up and we watched one of our shows together and I woke up today not so sad. Pity Party over.

Here's some of the pics:

I took this one. Love Lisa's camera.

Cameron the Boogie Boarder.

Grace finds the most comfortable seat on the beach. Plenty of padding. Heh.

Why am I holding up my sunglasses so excitedly? Because a minute before Lisa took this picture I was completely knocked over by a huge wave and my sunglasses came flying off of my face into the surf. I stood up and looked down and there they were, floating right in front of me and I reached down and grabbed them right before they sunk to the bottom, never to be seen again. What luck!

On the way out of Laguna we stopped at the animal shelter to see the dogs.

Right next door was a sign that said "Pacific Marine Mammal Center".
We were curious, so we walked over to check it out. This is what we saw as soon as we went in the entry:
Is that not the cutest face you have ever seen? Oh my Gosh, I was in love. If you live in Southern CA, you have to visit this place.

The Pacific Marine Mammal Center is a non-profit organization that rescues and rehabilitates sick or injured seals and releases them back into the wild.

We got there right at feeding time(score!), so we got to see them in action. These little guys are Harbor Seals and they were the babies.

They also had adult Northern Elephant Seals, and CA Sea Lions.

But the babies were my favorites. Go figure. I could have watched them all day. They were so darn cute!

They offer educational tours and kid's activities too, so if you are ever in that area you should check it out. For sure. They could probably use some donations too :)

And happy 22 months to us!


Karen and Bob said...

Oh those baby seals are just too cute! It was great to meet you at Shelley's house the other day. You are so awesome with kids and are going to be such a good mommy. I will send you the private blog info via email soon.

Lisa and Tate said...

Yay to the beach fun!!! How cute is that of the kids with the boogies?? Score on the find of the animal rehab center. Times like these make me wish I live by the beach.

Happy 22!!!


Kayce said...

Cute pictures! Love the seals. I'll have to go on a search for that place when I'm down.

Alyson & Ford said...

What fun! Love the "babies"!!

Happy LID Anniversary!!

LID 01/27/06
DOR 08/12/08

Shelley said...

We went there yesterday. It was feeding time. Very cool place. Then, of course, Gillian just HAD to pop by the Animal Shelter next door. Oy!

S.Wise said...

Happy 22 to you!!!

Tori said...

Isn't the Mammal Sanctuary fabulous...? My #3 did a summer program there for a week where each kid is assigned a seal or sea lion and they get to help care for it, feed it etc....

So great to meet you Michelle....

See you again soon.

So sad when sister's leave. I can relate!

OH MY #6 said...

Of course u r going in my draw! 22 months?! oh my word u r so very close.