Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Olympians to Watch-Guo Jingjing CHINA

Guo Jingjing
Sport: Diving
Team: China
Why You Should Care: commanding record, celebrity status China might win all eight diving golds this year, and Guo is the jewel in her team's crown. She's also China's highest paid female athlete. At 26, she's won four straight world titles in springboard, and suffered a detached retina from the impact of a dive. And her love life has made her a Chinese tabloid staple. She and diver boyfriend Tang Liang were known as "the diving prince and princess," and she was said to be "pining" when he married someone else. Now she's with "playboy" Kenneth Fok, but one Chinese blogger warns "Guo must be careful not to think about boys too much or she’ll crush China’s Olympic hopes." Guo sounds like she'd rather the press focused on her diving as well: “Whatever I say," she complains, "reporters don’t report it truthfully, so I might as well shut up.”

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