Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nursery Pics

The view from the doorway

We call this the Bamboo Forest

Dresser/changing table/shelf

Closeup of shelf. We sure have collected a lot of things in the last three years! Some of them are very special to me, as I bought them when I was in China when Grace joined our family. Others are special because they came from some awesome secret buddies I have had over the last two years.

Old Barbie house that I painted and made into a toy/bookshelf. Still need to Decoupage some scrapbook paper to the top.

Bookshelf. This is holding only about a quarter of the books I have. You collect a lot of books when you teach preschool/work with kids for fifteen years!

Reading/snuggling corner. That chair is not comfortable at all. I hope to pick up a used glider that I can refurbish to put there instead.

Toys. Really need to stop buying these

This is the light that Joe and I agreed to keep on for Sophie. I am going to be making these for gifts. It is a bottle that is decorated with stickers and decoupaged shapes. A hole is drilled into the bottom and a string of Christmas lights is inside. I figure it is using less energy than the lamp Joe previously was leaving on

Art work I made and cute dragonfly we picked up in Capitola Beach this summer.

Shelf above the window and dolls. Must stop buying dolls :)

We still need to:
(Re)Assemble the crib
Buy an area rug. Something bright and cheerful, with a garden theme
Purchase or obtain a glider for the corner
Paint the walls. Possibly put up a border.
Purchase and hang some curtains. Hate those vertical plastic blinds.

I was so afraid that putting it all together would make me sad, especially given the fact that we have a good two more years to wait. Surprisingly, it makes me happy to go in there. That may not always be the case(like at Christmas time), and if that happens we'll just close the door. Some day there will be a child in that room, messing it up. Some day.


Tracy said...

I am not just saying this, your nursery is one of my favorites online! Love the bamboo forest and that little picture on the wall with the chinese writing and little red shoes. I also love your "night light"-very clever. I'm glad it's a happy place for you. I hope the speed things up now that the Olympics are about over.

Kayce said...

OMYGOD!! I love it! What a beautiful nursery and like Tracy said, one of my favorites on line too! Love the lights!!

Lisa and Tate said...

Soooo cute!!! So sweet that Joe and you keep a light on for Sophie.

OH MY #6 said...

love it! Where ever did you find the CABBAGE PATCH doll?


Linda said...

What a great nursery!! So many precious things. It looks like a cozy room for a little one to feel alot of love.. Love the leave the light on to lead her home.. Such a positive thought. Your day will be coming and it will be spectacular!!! Please keep the faith... Linda

Michele said...

What a nice room, certainly put together and decorated with lots of love. Sophie will come to love all of the hand crafted things that you created for her. I think that putting her room together will help you feel like this is a real!!! Hang in there!!


3D said...

Lovely! You put a lot of thought into making the room special for Sophie.

Keep smilin!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Gorgeous room -- love all of the pandas (the Tongginator's room is ALL panda). And I especially love that you created a toy/ book shelf out of a former Barbie house... I'm not personally a fan of Barbies, but I'm a HUGE fan of books. :)

Teena said...

the nursery is lovely! It's adorable. I love the light you're leaving on for Sophie. very sweet!

Kylie's momma said...

Oh Michelle, What a sweet room. Maybe you could just keep a Sophie corner for now and still be able to use the room and enjoy it too. Love all your accents etc.... Keep shopping (well not too much) but don't give up yet. I'm sorry about your woes on updating and all. Don't understand why you have to pay so much to "re-up"???? Have a Hap Hap Happy weekend with your seester. You both need some girlie time together. Hugs from MT.