Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I was finally able to wrestle the computer away from my husband for five minutes while he is in the shower. He is teaching five classes, so the computer has been attached to him every minute that he is awake. I can check e-mail and blogs from work, but can't really comment or post anything. Sharing a computer bites. We're lucky to have one computer, I know. I should stop whining now.
It's almost my bedtime and there really isn't a lot going on anyway, so I'll make this short and sweet. And with bullets. Everybody loves those, right? :)

--We are still enjoying the Olympics. I will be sad when they end this Sunday.

--My apartment is still in a state of chaos. It is causing tension between my husband and I. Why, oh why, does he feel the need to hang on to junk? I would be happy if I woke up tomorrow and it had all simply disappeared.

--You know how I was going to take down the nursery so we could make use of that room during this interminable wait?

Well while we were cleaning it out this weekend my husband somehow convinced me that perhaps instead of doing that and keeping everything in boxes where it would get dusty and no one would see them, how about we set up the room, just to see how it will look?

So now the entire nursery is set up, with shelves and art work and toys and everything. What the?

How do I let him he talk me into these things?

I did manage to talk him into disassembling the crib though, and I decided we are not going to reassemble it or paint the walls until we have our referral.

Now it is the cleanest room in the house, and it does looks awfully cute. I have pictures, which I will post the next time I get to use the computer.

--My Sees-ter is coming to visit this weekend. Yippee! (Hence the cleaning out of the baby's room)

--We're supposed to meet up with Kristen and Eva at Shelley's house on Friday, but their whole family has been under the weather this week, so send healing thoughts over there!

--My sister is sick of the same songs on my blog over and over, so she sent me a whole list of song suggestions, which I thought was nice but also a tiny bit controlling of her :)

--Again, too tired to do anything about it now. I'm going to bed. G'night!


Shelley said...

That's a sister for ya. :)

I think you made a good compromise on the nursery.

Feeling better today. And the cleaning ladies are coming. Yay! Want every remnant and reminder of this awful bug out of my home. Should be in fine form by Friday. But will confirm with you guys. Kristin called me yesterday and is on her way home from HI. Looking forward to seeing you all.

M3 said...

That second-to-last bullet made me laugh outloud!! Hee!

Kayce said...

I too laughed at that second to last bullet!

Thanks for your comment on my blog...don't ever feel you can't write a book, feel free to write a novel! I too feel the same way you do about bullying, it's wrong and a horrible thing to endure. I was bullied by a teacher during 7/8, it was something I will never forget. Ever. I'm still amazed at the bullying that happens in our adult years, does it ever stop?

Looking forward to those nursery pics! Oh and Dland, yes! I'm trying to figure out a day that I can leave the family and see some bloggy friends!