Monday, August 25, 2008

My sister and the kids have gone home. I am sad about that.

The Olympics are over. I am sad about that too.

Tomorrow is our 22 month LID anniversary. Also a bit saddening.

I had to take the Christmas ticker off because it was giving me anxiety. Not quite ready for Christmas yet. I'll put it back up after Thanksgiving. That's when a countdown to Christmas should start.

Joe is sleeping and I am having cold pizza for dinner. Alone. Sad.

Can you say "pity party"?


Tracy said...

Oh, I hate it when friends or family go home. I get horribly depressed and cry (when my Mom leaves) for day and tell Mike "I want to move to Arizona, I miss my Mom" about a million times a day. I feel for you!!!

p.s., sad to say, I was ready for the Olympics to be over-I got bored after about a week:(

Kayce said...

Hugs! Thinking about you.