Sunday, November 20, 2005

I've just come from church. I know I've said this before, but I LOVE my church. I have really been making an effort to attend every week. Here's their website for anyone that's interested: Mount of Olives. I especially love it there around the holidays. The message is always relevant, and they have very special holiday services. I'm planning on attending the Thanksgiving service on Wednesday. Today was their alternative Christmas Fair. They had booths from all different charities that you could choose to give to as an alternative to spending your money on gifts for friends and family. I signed up to bring dessert to the soup kitchen on Tuesday, and I adopted an angel. My angel is a twelve year old girl. I'm going to buy her some clothes and maybe a C.D. I'll have to check with the kids at work to see what else she might like. I'm starting to get into the holiday spirit. (I know, this is a complete turnaround from my post last week on how I was denial about the holidays being right around the corner) It helps that we have not one, but TWO radio stations that are playing Christmas songs 24 hours a day! Yes, I HAVE been listening to Christmas music! In fact, I even had Joe get out my holiday decorations so I can put them up before we leave for Thanksgiving! That way it will already be done when we come home. Don't worry, I won't put up any of the outside decorations until we get back. I figured I better get a head start on this holiday stuff, since I'll be having my surgery on the 14th and probably won't feel like doing anything after that. Let the Holidays begin!

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