Monday, November 21, 2005

Our adoption journey

I have changed the name of my blog to "Our Adoption Journey". I was never completely happy with "Our Journey towards Parenthood" anyway, and the adoption is what it is really going to be about. I bummed because I did NOTHING relating to the paper-chase today. I was going to make a bunch of phone calls(Fingerprint appt., physicals) but there simply wasn't time. I don't get scheduled breaks at work and there is truly no time when I am away from the kids. There is no privacy to be had either. Today a psychiatrist returned my call while we were playing outside, so I went around the side of the building to talk to him and some kids found me there and started arguing about something and he asked me if this wasn't a good time maybe he could call back later? I was so embarrassed. I do get off work early enough to do these things at home, but today I had an appointment to go and get fitted for my C-Pap machine right after work and didn't get home until 5:00. Then it's too late to make phone calls. So I guess I'll have to put them at the top of my list for tomorrow. The good news is that I now have in my possession my lovely C-Pap machine! As promised, I will post pictures later. It really is hideous. It's a good thing we won't be trying to get pregnant now, because nobody would come near me when I am wearing that thing! I hope it helps me. I don't remember feeling any better the last time I had it, but I'm willing to give it another try. I now have a chin strap that wraps all the way around my head, so this should keep me from ripping it off of my face unintentionally in the middle of the night. I did this quite often before. Also, the technician suggested that Joe check to make sure I still have it on when he comes to bed, since he comes to bed often two-three hours later than I do. I smiled at him and said "Sure, good idea" when he said this, but I know Joe will NOT do this for me because I become quite cranky when woken up in the middle of the night, and have often SCREAMED at him for turning on the light and waking me. Of course, I remember none of this, but this is what I'm told happens when he accidentally wakes me at 2:00 a.m. I can't imagine what I would do if he not only woke me, but suggested I put that machine back on my face. I think he would be afraid for his life! I guess we'll just see how it goes. My house is now completely decked out for Christmas(on the inside anyway). Also, I discovered today that we have not one, not two, but THREE stations playing Christmas music 24 hours a day! I don't know if I can stand it! I mean, really, how many times can you hear "I'm dreaming of a white christmas" before you feel like your head is going to explode? Did I mention it was 85 degrees at my house today? It's kind of surreal to have Christmas music playing in your car when the A.C. is blasting on high. I think I will be listening to a lot of C.D.'s over the next month, to get a break from all of the Christmas music. I am trying to pack as much holiday fun as I can into the two weeks before my surgery though. I have a feeling I won't be in the mood for at least a week or tow after that. I really wanted Joe to be in the drive through nativity with me at my church, but he won't. Wouldn't he make a great Joseph? Seriously, look at the photo to the left. He would be perfect! They are in desperate need of volunteers. Oh well, I can always hope.

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