Monday, January 23, 2006

Adoption paperwork

I have just finished filling out stacks of paperwork from the adoption agency. My eyes are watery and red and my hand is cramped, but the good news is, I can mail out a lot of it tomorrow. Joe's birth certificate should be here in a week, so we can get his passport soon after that. I have most of the paperwork completed in order to get our home-study started. Joe and I are going to work on the personal history questions tomorrow. It helps to have a writer in the family! I will be making an appointment for our physicals on Wednesday, and we'll be going in to get live scanned sometime next week, after Joe's driver's license comes in the mail(he lost his a month ago). It is so dumb that we have to have the live-scan prints done again, as both Joe and I had them done in August for our jobs. What a waste of time and money. Oh well, I'm sure it is just one of many inconvenient tasks we will be required to do during this wonderful process called adoption. Things seem to be moving along smoothly. I want to get our dossier in order as soon as possible so the chances of going to China with Lisa and Scott are better. They only have to have an updated home-study, unlike us. If things don't work out right and we aren't able to go together, that's fine. I just really think it would be neat to become a mom and an aunt again at the same time.

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