Sunday, January 15, 2006

Boring day

Kind of a non-eventful day today. We have actually been doing a lot of serious house cleaning, so at least it's been productive. I filled out a bunch of adoption paperwork, and I will be sending it on Tuesday. I will be calling to make our appointment for our physicals then too. We're finally going to get things rolling. I'm having a real problem with finding three references though. They can't be relatives or my employer. I don't have that many friends(that sounds sad, but its true). I guess I could choose someone that I work with and write the letter myself. I don't trust anybody there to write a coherent letter for me. Our next big task is going to be to clean out the extra bedroom. Boy is there a lot of junk in there! I better get back to work.

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Stacey Teague said...

We had a tough time with references, you really want someone that knows you...or is really just into adoption....we had two of our friends, and then some old family friends. We asked them first, and then followed up with "if you need help with dates, etc, just let us know". Everyone was thrilled to help out!