Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I'm feeling much better today. I usually feel pretty good right before I start. It's strange because I could have sworn I started last week, but it turned out to be only spotting, which I almost never have. I know, too much information. I see the gastroenterologist tomorrow. He's going to change the medication that I am taking to treat the IBS. I'm not sure the one I'm using is working effectively. I'm going to pretend the pain I was having this weekend was due to the surgery and try to look ahead toward the future. This surgery worked for me. I know it did. If anything, it will give me some relief, as most of the pain I was having this weekend was not as intense as before. I have to think positively. I may have had a touch of the flu too, as I was extremely achy and feverish and don't feel that way now. I came home from work today and cleaned the house. Really cleaned it. I even cleaned out the entire fridge. It was gross. I was watching Dr. Phil yesterday(I was home sick O.K.?) and one of his guests had a serious organization/clutter problem. I totally related. That's one of our biggest problems.(Clutter). That's going to be my New Year's resolution this year. To get more organized. Notice I said "more" organized. It would be too overwhelming for me to say "Completely organized" Oh, and to finish the adoption paperwork and become DTC . That's going to be a big one. Joe is calling the adoption agency tomorrow. I need for this process to be a shared experience and I think it would be good for him to talk to someone so he feels as stressed out as I do is as knowledgeable as I am about the process. Well, gotta go. We have a bunch of shows on the DVR to catch up on. I don't know how we ever lived without this thing! (Yeah, we can be T.V. junkies sometimes. We're just waiting for a child to take up all of our attention so we're too tired to ever watch anything again. I can hardly wait!)

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