Thursday, January 05, 2006

Please ignore the previous post

Really, I should just erase it. It truly was depressing. Sorry about that. I'm hormonal and off of my meds. Don't worry, Joe will be at the pharmacy first thing in the morning to have them refilled. I did end up going out with my infertility group(I MUST find another name for us). I had a great time. I completely forgot about my lousy day. And then when I got home, my husband had an awesome present waiting for me. I'll post pics tomorrow. He's the best! So I'm feeling much better now. Tomorrow is Friday. You can't beat a two day work week! I'll be going out tomorrow to celebrate with Joe(thanks Dad!), so I have that to look forward to also. Now I'm off to bed, as it is way past my bedtime.

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Ed and Lisa said...

I'm so sorry your day started out so yucky!! Can't wait to see the pics.... glad it got better. I hope you went out with your girlfriends... remember, they know best what you feel! :)

Happy late Birthday!!
Lisa :)