Monday, January 09, 2006

Whatever it was I seem to be over it

Feeling much better now. I just got off the phone with the doctor's office. Are there NO doctors left on the planet that actually speak with their patients in person? I spoke with someone I don't even know, who knew nothing of my history. The diagnosis(without even being seen) is that I overdid it after surgery. WHAT? This coming from the same office that told me I would only be out for a day or two after the laparoscopy. She(the person I spoke with) also told me I should stop taking the Percocet, since three weeks is simply too long to be taking a pain killer of that strength. Again WHAT? I explained several times that I had NOT been taking the Percocet fro three weeks, that I had been taking the leftovers from my surgery for the last two days when the pain got more intense. Where in the heck does she think I would have gotten anough Percocet to last me three weeks anyway? She wasn't interested at all in my theory about this pain being very reminiscent of the pain I had five years ago when a cyst on my ovary burst. She told me I should take it easy(does she KNOW what I do for a living?) and take Tylenol when needed. Gee, I'm glad I called and obtained such expert advice. They didn't even want to up my post-op visit from next week to this week. She didn't feel it was necessary unless the pain worsened. That's it, next time I have even a twinge of pain, I'm going straight to the E.R. For now I'm going to act like this pain WAS from me overdoing it after the surgery, and expect to NOT have this pain again next month. Because if I do have pain like this every month, that doctor is going to get pretty sick of me. I'm not letting this continue. I won't live my life this way. I''ll change doctors again if I have to, even though this is doctor number six I have tried for the same problem.

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Kristin said...

Talk about adding insult to injury!
Glad you are feeling a little better.