Monday, January 23, 2006

I swore I wasn't going to do this

When we started this process, I told myself I wouldn't get caught up in the whole ladybug craze. It seemed so kitchy, and I hate to do things that "everyone else is doing". I was doing pretty well, too. I had seen a few cute ladybug items, but I hadn't purchased any. Well, recently I started looking around and I noticed that some ladybug stuff has started to sneak into my house! I think it all started with this:

I bought it at the Harvest Festival, because I thought it was cute, and my kitchen is done in a garden theme anyway, so it fit right in. Besides, our old paper-towel holder had broken, and we needed a new one. Well my Dad bought me this to go with it. It's only a teeny little magnet. What's the harm in that? A few weeks later, I allowed myself to venture into Pottery Barn Kids(which I had never allowed myself to do before), and I found these. They are appliqué's that you stick on the bottom of your tub so you(or your child) won't slip. Again, they're functional, so that's how I justified them. I wandered around in that store forever, looking at all the bedroom "themes" and cute stuff, when I stumbled upon this. The baby's going to need a night-light, right? And I just thought it was so cute! And we had already decided that the baby's room would have somewhat of a garden theme, and ladybugs live in gardens, right? They also had bath rugs and towels to match, but I am proud to say I did not buy those!(Yet:)! And finally, I was getting all of the baby stuff together and I found these. They're booties that will probably be too small, and my boss bought them for me, and I certainly don't have control over what other people buy me! I promise those will be the last ladybug items I will buy.(Until I see something else that is just so cute that I MUST have it!)


Gen said...

I told myself the same we have several, not too many (yet), ladybug items. We do have a complete ladybug outfit - much for not getting into the ladybug craze.

Also, make sure you do your research on all the medication that the doc may prescribe and be prepared for the side effects. I didn't go through anything close to what you have been through, but surgery forced me to take hormones that made me menopausal, then hormones to balance everything after. Honestly, menopause was like a breath of fresh air (w/hot flashes) compared to pain. But not everyone can say that. I hope that you are taking care of you and that you are feeling better.


Brandie said...

Since you checked out my blog...I had to come and check out yours! :)

I didn't think that I wanted to do ladybugs either, but for some bizarre reason, we've decided to do ladybugs and panda bears for her room...go Since we haven't started the process yet, the ladybugs haven't quite taken over the house...yet! I do have those same little booties though! I found them on clearance at Target and couldn't leave without

I'm linking to your blog from mine!

Tazzy said...

oh, you're one of THOSE people. the ladybug collectors. :)