Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Paperchase blues

I'm starting to get why people refer to the paper-chase as nerve-racking. It's not all the forms you have to fill out. It's not the questions you have to answer, or the copying and faxing, or the phone calls(to the doctor, the adoption agency every 10 minutes, etc.) No, it's not any of those things, because I am totally cool with all of the above. What's driving me crazy is the WAITING and DEPENDING on other people to do things for you so you can move forward. I am a pretty independent person. I like to do things myself. I can be very organized(when I choose to be), and I get things done. I don't like to ask other people for help. So it is totally bugging me that I HAVE to ask other people to do things for me in this process, and I can't do anything about how or when they complete them. For instance, I called our doctor's office to make an appointment for our physicals. I told her I also would be needing the doc to fill out a couple of forms. So the receptionist tells me she would like me to fax over the forms so my doctor can have a look at them, and then they will call me to set up an appt. Fine. I faxed the forms that day. Well that was almost six days ago, and still no phone call to set up an appt. So now I have to call them again tomorrow and insist that they give me an appointment. Like I don't have enough to do. I also have to have the accounting office at my job type a letter stating when an adopted child would be covered under my health insurance(there is no paragraph in my handbook that states this). That is the only document I need before I send my packet to the INS to get our fingerprint appt. In her defense, I only asked for it yesterday, but I want. it. right. now. My goal was to get this paperwork out at the latest Friday. It is going to make me crazy if this one piece of paper makes me wait until next week. Crazy I tell you! And don't even get me started on the reference letters. I am going to try very hard not to harass the people I asked to write them. Try. Very. Hard. But I can't guarantee anything! So let me apologize in advance if I seem a little cranky or short with you. It isn't intentional. I'm in the process of learning a lesson in patience, and I am not enjoying it one bit.

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, paradigm sg. said...

No man or woman is an island unto oneself. Patience amd more patience is essential to keep the damaging stress away. Remember the aphid gets more juice from the ant if they stroke the ant gently. Try it. It is called love and tact. Luv Yu DAD