Monday, January 21, 2008

Here's what I was doing a year ago today

This is where we spent MLK Day last year.
*Sniff*  Oh how I wish we could go back.  We had such a good time.  I so want to plan a quick weekend get away over one of the three day weekends I have coming up. My three day weekends differ from "normal" people, as I take mine when there is an orthodontic conference instead of when there is a holiday.   Our fifteenth wedding anniversary is coming up quick, and I had hoped to have something to look forward to.  We can't really afford it right now.  Sigh.  Once can dream though.  

Only one taker on the Pay it Forward Exchange so far.  C'mon people!  This will be fun!  We need something to get us through this long, long(looonnngggg) wait.  Don't let the "sending out a handmade gift" part freak you out.  Do you sew? Make a little pillow or blanket.  Do you scrapbook?  How about a personalized picture frames using a pre made  frame and some letter stickers. Are you a stamper?  A set of stamped notecards would be nice.  The possibilities are endless!  Plus, I really want to send people gifts.  I love sending people gifts.  So don't be so shy!


OH MY #6 said...

Love to pay it forward but I am not crafty AT ALL.

Jeff and Pam said...

Me, too. Crafty-I am not.